The situation of gambling and sports betting in the US has always been questioned. For years, US states have tried to build a legal framework for intrastate gambling, and while some were willing to issue operating licenses, other states have banned any form of US gambling online. For example, in 2012, Nevada was among the first states to start issuing these licenses, while Utah passed a bill that prohibits online gambling. Washington has been one of the most vehement states, here playing online gambling is considered an extremely serious criminal offense. Online gambling has been banned in the US since 2006, but Member States are free to approve their own legislative rules that allow gambling within their own borders.

The US gambling industry and the ban on gambling

In 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the ban on gambling, with sports betting being legal again. Sports leagues have started to attract partners from online casinos and have announced to fans that they can start betting on their favorite games. Until last year, the Court of Appeal banned electronic data transmission for sports betting, and in 2006 a law banning the transfer of funds between US financial institutions and US players’ accounts to bookmakers, gambling halls or online casinos was in effect. . Following this decision, many bookmakers have announced that operations involving real money will be suspended to US customers, while other operators, such as Poker Stars or Worlds Sports Exchange, have continued to provide services to US customers.

In June 2009, the Justice Department confiscated about $ 34 million from over 27,000 players who had online accounts. A few months later, a ruling was passed regulating online poker and many other forms of online betting, and a year later, the state of New Jersey rhymed a law regulating certain forms of online gambling. . However, the law excluded online bets, which were discussed much later.

As I said, in 2018, the ban on sports betting was abolished, and each state can now decide whether or not to legalize sports betting. The first step in this direction and a premiere for the US gambling market was the conclusion of a partnership between Yahoo Sport and BetMGM to help those who are passionate about making sports betting much easier.

Yahoo Sports and BetMGM, the partnership that opens the world of sports betting
In November 2019, a partnership was signed between Yahoo Sports and BetMGM, a partnership that offers much easier access for fans who want to bet on their favorite team. With the launch of the Yahoo Sportsbook, the world of sports betting in the US has taken another step towards evolution. The Yahoo Sports app is available for both Android phones and iOS operating systems and was officially launched in November. If so far the transactions were prohibited, from now on, the transactions could be carried out through the BetMGM platform.

The selection of bets you can find in Yahoo Sports is extremely large and includes NBA, NHL, football, baseball, golf or tennis. The purpose of the application developers was to offer the bettors a new experience, with the help of interactive content, with a higher value. The best part is that this partnership between Yahoo and BetMGM continues outside the app. MGM is committed to distributing Yahoo Sports content on all of its platforms, while Yahoo is committed to organizing various events at MGM locations. This partnership is seen in the US gambling world as a way to revolutionize sports betting and take them to another level. The application is very intuitive and easy to use, being suitable even for players who do not have such a great experience. As you enter the application, you will be able to see all the matches available for betting, you will be able to choose the games that interest you the most, you will be able to set reminders for them, and of course, choose the bets that you think will bring you the most earnings.

At present, there are 19 US states that have legalized sports betting, the last one being Colorado. The application developed by Yahoo, together with BetMGM, can only be used in the territory of those states that have renounced the ban on gambling and sports betting. New Jersey fans were the first to access the app and take advantage of it. Moreover, MGM has prepared up to $ 100 vouchers for them, converted into free bets in the Yahoo SportsBook app. In fact, New Jersey is also the state that has been fighting for many years for the right to organize sports betting and repealing this 1992 federal law that limits and prohibits access to sports betting. In 1992, Congress passed this law stating that betting threatens the integrity of sporting events. 26 years later, the law is repealed, and bettors can enjoy their favorite matches and sports betting again.

The US gambling market is beginning to regulate itself, and this can only be enjoyed by gambling and sports betting lovers. The first step was taken by Yahoo, along with BetMGM, developing this application that allows fans in the states who have no problem with gambling, to enjoy their favorite matches and place bets.

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